Call Center Solutions


Opt for our Quality at par, Scalable call center services with our experienced and acumen associates to seamlessly support your operation. A perfect solution for medium sized business seeking to expand their teams. We provide services to your customers with the same dedication as for our own.

Scalable Inbound Call Center Solutions - Expand Your Business

Prompt customer service.

Your business might have already staffed call center agents for placing orders and handling customer service related concerns. But, what do you do when your business phones rings off the hook and your team even at maximum capacity are already engaged with other customers? Opt for Calliton Virtual Call center solutions. Our associates act as your agent whenever you are flooded with calls and agents are engaged or unavailable.

We look forward to engage in elevating your brand image. We don’t provide merely immediate solutions but build a long-term relationship with your business. We provide impressive results utilizing our resources and updating our technologies with the changing time.

In simple words, when our associates attend calls on your behalf, their desktop computer automatically display relevant information about your company. This includes basic protocols and special instructions. Our tailor-made CRM allows our agents to have the real time information on screen the moment we receive a call from your customer.

Key benefits:

Calliton’s turnover rate is one of the lowest in the industry. We don’t restrict ourselves with just the rules you define; our teams often learns more about you, your customers and your industry and get acquainted with your customers and their requirements.

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